Currently, it looks like this:

I replaced the 15GB Seagate  drive in the Sun Blade 100 with an old 160 GB Western Digital drive that I used to use with Linux.  It won’t see the full 160 GB of it but 127 GB instead because it’s Ultra ATA/66 MHz.  That’s okay.  It’s a lot better than the smaller drive.

I have yet to figure out how to fix the IDPROM issue.  Despite my years as a Mac user during the late PowerPC era, OpenBoot eludes me greatly.  It’s the same basic firmware, but I can’t grok it very well.  However, I wound up installing Solaris 10 from a x86 VM because the Sun lacks a DVD drive.  It did make installation easier once I figured out Jumpstart enough to do a network install over a dedicated Ethernet port on the PC that’s hosting the VM.  Networking works but I have to manually configure the connection to match what the Sun thinks the Ethernet port is…


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